Café Luxembourg opened its doors in the late 1980s and immediately joined the select group of illustrious Grand Cafés in Amsterdam’s city center.
All of Amsterdam knows Luxembourg, almost all visitors to the city end up there at some point. Via one of the many guides that describe Luxembourg as a “must see” or, even better, by coincidence. Because you really cannot ignore Luxembourg. An oasis with allure in one of the busiest places in the city center. The unique conservatory that makes people watching almost an understatement.
The Brasserie that makes it possible to have breakfast, lunch and dinner in style, but which also exudes the power of simplicity and tradition: Luxembourg has introduced Pâtisserie Holtkamp’s shrimp croquette in the Amsterdam hospitality industry and serves, also from the famous baker, the best bitterbal from the city.

Luxembourg always offers everyone a warm welcome.